Day 2 in clinicals- Togo, Africa

Day 2 in clinicals- Togo, Africa

Yesterday I worked in the Thyroid screening clinic. Fun day actually. I wasn’t anything more than a helping hand. I would give water and food to patients when needed, transport them to and from ultrasound, run labs to the lab and back, and talk with patients. I always have to have a translator with me, so it is fun to talk with the translator too. It was a great day to be in clinical. I really enjoy what I am doing, though it wasn’t technically nursing it was still fun. I did get to wipe the gel off a lot of patient’s necks though, hahahaha… I was also given a young child and told to walk her around… so I kinda walked her like a would a dog. Felt bad about clicking and kinda whistling at her, but that is how I tend to treat children anyway. Lots of smiling and nodding at people. Everyone seems very kind and understanding. I don’t know French and that is driving me nuts. I should have learned when I wanted to at the age of 14!! GAH! But it was so hard from a shotty cdrom…

Yesterday we went to the market and I got fabric then fitted for the lady to make me a dress. I hope it comes out as awesome as I want it to. If it does not, well, my rocking body will make it awesome! I might go buy some more choices of fabric for a few skirts. I need a few more and I think it would be a good idea to have some African skirts made for me. Then I can wear them to Liberia too when I go again.

Today… I was in admissions. Good day, I am super tired today though so I just downed a few shots of coffeee… (like 4). I have also drank 4 cups of tea.. black tea.. I may or may not be wired later when I need it the least. I think that Steena and all of us will take a walk around our house after dinner. Elafas wants to watch the Ghana football game tonight though, so we are gonna have to work times out with him. Also, tummy is all wonky today. No explaination as to why.. it just is being all weird! (maybe drinking all that was not a great idea then…. WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THIS BEFORE!!)

Feeling a bit lonely. Realisation that I am, in fact, a single woman now. Tyler doesn’t want me anymore…. rejection. I was talking with the chaplain yesterday and he was telling me that it can take 3 to 5 years for emotional healing after a divorce. Makes sense honestly…. it may be shorter since Tyler and I were only married, not that long… The chaplain also explained that since I am honestly seeking out healing, it may be a faster/smoother process. Speaking of which, I need to go see him today in his office…. he was going to have me meet up with his wife but we never made plans.

Eating has still been hard. I don’t like it. I do it… but I don’t like it. I have fruit medley and banana chips in my backpack always. I nibble on that… don’t really eat a lot in the mess hall … most of it has meat in it anyway.

“Wake up sleeper, rise from the dead and Christ will shine through you.” – scripture verse somewhere and in an Everyday Sunday song.

The only way I have been sleeping is by playing music as well… not too shabby. Just helps lull me to sleep. There is also something really comforting about sleeping under a net, I might have to set one up in my room when I get back just for culture shock sake 😉 Bahahahah

Alright, well I still have a day to live and I want to get on that. I don’t need to be typing to you anymore. If you have questions, ask them. I will answer. Also, email me to talk with me if you want



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