Fishermen and more.

Fishermen and more.

Alright, so let me start with yesterday….. maybe the previous day.. yea the previous day.

Thursday around 2 o’clock, I started getting super dizzy, we still don’t know why. But, it happened.

Friday, I had to be put in a cabin on deck to sleep. I was not doing well, dizzy and a bit nauseous, they were teasing I’m pregnant. Hahahaha, nopers. NO chance that is the case. Anyway, I started feeling a bit better, still a little less than my normal self, but I kept trucking along later that evening.

I had an African dinner at the team  house with a head honcho person from Mercy Ships (not going to mention his name), but it was an enjoyable night with an enjoyable conversation guiding most of the night. Jen had to come back to the team house with me and she laid in bed all night and watched movies because she was not feeling well either… she was doing worse about it than I was though. I went to bed around 11. Annie, Prof., and Steena got back around 12 from the Jesus movie thing that was going on at a local small church.

I woke up around 7 this morning, read my books, journaled a scosh, showered (got eaten by mosquitos), and then made Steena an anklet.

Eliphaz took all of us out (minus Jen cause she laid in bed feeling sick and watched movies today again). We went to the village of the Old Man (it’s name in French I do not remember). We watched boats come in and out the ocean. They would just sail up on land, drop off their fish, and then go down elsewhere to catch more fish I think. Eliphaz then took us to some gardens because he is helping them better their crops. We had to run across the crazy road ( a little crazier even then in Liberia) to go pee behind some building… hahhah.

Man, the more I am here the more I realize I do belong here. Each time we are with the locals, the villagers, I just love speaking with them, talking to them, and jesting with them. How hard they work here, what they do, and how they live… these people just earn my respect through and through. They live through so much but keep on smiling. I can’t wait to work on the wards next week with the Togolese and other people who have traveled for help.

I do enjoy being out with the people way more than being on the ship though, but the ship sure does have a certain appeal. It is relaxing and you can be with people who all speak English (so at least I don’t always need Eliphaz to translate). I love learning and having someone show me things about the country and the nation.

I don’t have a lot to say at the moment… I suppose I will tell you more as it comes. I just feel so happy to be here, I am missing some plantains though! We eat on the ship, and last night I got spoiled with an African dinner and I want more! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Life is great, everything works out in the end. No matter what is going on, I will not be distracted from my calling– to do mission work in Africa. Nobody can steal that from me. Jerks.

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