Back Stateside from Togo, Africa

Oh man, where to even begin!! Right now I am sitting back in my flat listening to the Big Bang Theory and trying to figure out how to write to you about my trip in Togo. I’m still tired from jet lagging.. … but let me finish watching this episode and I will then turn on some music and write to you about my trip (quick overview potentially)…

*15 minutes later*

Let’s see… I wish you could just ask me questions about my trip. Maybe that’s what I will do for the next couple days, you leave comments with questions and I will answer and then just start telling you about my trip because I seriously don’t know where to begin with my trip or what you would even want to know! Also, I just got really tired and need to go for a walk. That is also why I don’t want to sit here and type. hahahah, so you start with ideas (I will give it a day or two), and then I will post all sorts of stuff for you all to read. I even need to start loading pictures up of my trip!



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