My life in Togo Part 1

My life in Togo Part 1

Alright, so… I think my last update was a while ago and you probably want an update of some sort… but I really, truly, honestly just don’t know where to start or finish!

I loved being on the wards on the Mercy Ship. Seriously, I loved the wards the most. Maybe I should start by talking about the people that impacted my trip t he most.

First there is Kristina.


She is in the nursing program with me, she is awesome, and during this trip we found out we are super special and awesome. Man, I don’t know what that trip would have been like without her there with me! She helped me a ton during times when I was pissed off about the life stuff that is going on. Seriously, God put us together on this trip just to realize how perfect we are as friends.

Kristina and I have so many inside jokes (Oh my gosh…kkk..kkk..kkk). We would go running, sit on the deck together, giggle for hours together, sometimes have meaningful conversations, journal together, have dance parties together, had a lot of coconuts together, guineafowl (with other too of course but her and I loved it), went to farms together, slept in the same bed (in Kpalime), and many many other things happened.

She climbed a tree, which is now her move favourite tree in Africa. She also had TONS of sand in her hair after this day at the beach…. TONS… as if she wanted to bring the whole beach home into her bathroom. Her and her roommate Annie also had to defeat the apocalyptic cockroach army in their room with just Pringles cans working in their favour. Her and I, I believe helped each other grow in our relationship with God, and maybe with our horrible habit of disconnecting from emotions and life. We just detach. To be honest, we are kinda perfect friends because we get each other’s attachment (or the lack thereof) issues.

Anytime Kristina would ask me how she looked I always told her that she is gorgeous. Hahahahaha. Our friendship seriously made other people feel so awkward because we were close and comfortable with each other, like we have been together our entire lives… we decided that either I am her husband or we are twins. Looks like we settled on being twins from different parents 🙂 I think it is believable. What else should I say about how awesome Steena and I were together? Well, we feed off each others energy, we kept uplifting each other, we watched out for each other, and we took care of each other but we also took care of ourselves. I know this trip was made more awesome simply because her and I were able to hang out all the time. I wouldn’t have had a better trip without her. This trip also would  have been way less awesome without her.

Next person is our professor, Denise. I was in clinical rotation with Denise all junior year of nursing school. I loved being in her cohort. She is such a good teacher and professor. She is calm, easy going, and very educated. She is a good professor. (this picture shows her climbing Kristina’s favourite African tree). I was super excited to go on the Mercy Ship rotation because Denise was going to be the professor that was taking us. During this trip she took care of us like a professor, mother, friend, and counselor. She was super fun! She joined us in dance parties in the car, she would bust out dance moves on the street when there was music playing, she climbed trees, had a sense of humour, and loved to have fun! What’s funny is I chose to do my nursing practicum at Virginia Mason simply because she was going to be our professor directing and leading us while there. That and I really hope I can score a job at VM when I am done with my practicum and NCLEX. But, Denise has been an amazing leader during my rotations and I am excited to be here student during my last semester of nursing school.


Oh who is next……. wait to see in my next blog, for now I am too tired.


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