Ok, previously I talked about people who impacted my trip, and I am going to come back to that portion of my trip. Let me move onto my favourite aspect of the trip. People. 🙂 Oh, didn’t I say I would come back to that portion of my trip… well. I can’t leave it to come back to it! The reason is because I met so many wonderful people during my stay in Togo on the Mercy Ship, to separate my experiences from my relationships would be impossible. From day one we started it with relationships by meeting Reka and Laura Z. Reka was our Mercy Team Leader and Laura Z. was one of the nurse leaders for our schedule on the wards and doing our nursing things. We also met Bill and his wife. At our team house lived 8 other people aside from the 5 of us. I loved having more than just us in the house 🙂 We even had relationships with the guards on the trip.

There was one face that always made me smile during the day. This face belonged to Kevin 🙂 Kevin has been working with Mercy Ships for a few years ( I truly don’t remember, but I know it has been a while). He was with the ship in Sierra Leone, I know that for sure.

Kevin was one of the most smiley people next to me. When I saw him, he was always happy, smiling, and engaging with people. When I would talk with him you knew that he loved Jesus and he loved serving and helping people.

His family lives close to the ship because He is Togolese. He mentioned he can go home, see his nieces off to school, then come back to the ship in 30  minutes.

Our funnest day in the LandRover was with Kevin. He was a fantastic, defensive, and aggressive driver. I felt super safe in the car with him, but I also felt like we would get somewhere and somewhere fast. When our other driver would drive, he was such a pushover in the car compared to Kevin. Hahahaha. I miss seeing Kevin in the Mess Hall each day. He is a person I wish I had more time to sit with and get to know.

What I miss most about Africa? Well, frankly, everything. To not continue to talk about  my love of the people (which is SUPER important), I will mention other things I miss and why.

Firstly I miss the weather. I am a humid, hot, sticky weather loving girl! Man, I loved how warm it was, how much I just continually sweat and am sticky. It is nice to rinse off in the evenings with cold water (that’s where I was definitely spoiled, we had running water on this trip). I did miss my Liberian bucket baths though, hehehehehe. That picture over there was our bathroom. I never used the tub, the tub was really high and I felt WAY to tall and there was a window right where the picture ends on the top. I used that little floor shower on the right there. 🙂 Cold water only though ( there was hot water, but I used cold). I felt super spoiled this time around! We had running water!! Oh my! But I miss that weather. It was so comfortable to live in and be in. We were in the 90’s during the day and I would rush out to be on deck every day after my shift. Steena and I would run in the evenings (not every night but twice a week we really did try) . I loved running there, I am not the best runner, but that hot and humidity made it feel like I was really running and doing well. I don’t like this cold weather that Seattle, WA has over Liberia and Togo weather.

The next thing I miss is driving through the communities… and walking around. I wish we had more time to just walk around the area in which we lived. I loved seeing things, smelling the area (bad or good), hearing, and watching all that was going on. I also liked seeing how they live life. Things are so simple.  The picture is on our drive to Kpalime, I slept most of this drive; however, when I woke up this is what I got to see out the back of the Land Rover. It was a gorgeous drive, I got to see all of it when I went back to Lome in the next coming days. Eliphaz was driving this day, but he was not a morning person.. Hahaha, I think overall Eliphaz was not a morning person.

Alright, time for me to go for now. What else do you all want to hear about?



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