Papers and GI/ENDO

Papers and GI/ENDO

Concerning papers: the divorce papers are signed. How I feel? I can’t even explain how I feel. He is happy though, I guess that is what really matters.

I have sold the grill with all it’s accessories and charcoal and the patio furniture. Slowly and surely I am getting rid of the clutter that he accumulated here at the apartment. Monday a person is coming to take the mattress and bed frame (I have had this since I Was 20 or so). But it is time for it to go. I have a foam mattress pad that I have been using for the last few weeks and sleeping on the floor to see how I like it. Frankly, it is much more comfortable than the bed. Frankly, I keep finding things I can get rid of because they are simply useless and clutter. I prefer to do this than pack rat everything. Also, it helps purge him out of my life.

I was informed that this is only a “bump in the road” as if this relationship we had didn’t actually matter to him. Sheesh. When I wanted something changed I said “Fix it or end it”. He chose to end it.

My shifts have been excellent. I have 12 hour night shifts. I start at 1900 and end at 0730. I am actually enjoying the night shift. Though I can tell that my body is having some challenges adjusting. However, it is my level of crazy! I feel as if I have been dropped into Wonderland and the Mad Hatter is raping my brain.

Today, I have been running a fever and was vomiting earlier…. now I just feel as if my insides are going to rip me into pieces. This sucks.

Anything you want to know? My brain is wonky.

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