Passions: Africa, Nursing, Life….

Passions: Africa, Nursing, Life….

It’s been a couple weeks…. basically what is new is I am working 12 hour night shifts for my rotation! It has been an intense amount of fun. My last three shifts are this week. I have to take on all 5 patients by the last day 🙂 It is a little daunting, especially since I could have fresh surgical patients. But I am also sad to end my shifts. Yes, I have three 12 hour night shifts in a row which 

I have ABSOLUTELY loved my time on my practicum. Working as a fake real nurse has been fantastic! Having some independence in a trusted scope of practice and being competent in that area has just been inspiring. Each time I’m on the floor working I feel like I am doing a HORRIBLE job, I fumble with all the tubes and cords. I’m not the best at a good flow of rhythm… I jump around in my physical assessment because I just don’t remember EXACTLY what I should be getting in the order I should be getting it… but I do eventually get all the info needed…. just not in a smooth rhythm. 

I have an amazing precepting nurse too. I could not have asked for better… she has been supportive, direct, and educates me as we go. She doesn’t judge, she encourages and let’s me know I am doing just fine! I always feel blubbering and flubbering as I am moving around (as I previously stated) but she lets me know I am doing fine! AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! Such a nice lady. I am going to miss her! I have loved working with her for these last few shifts! 

Even with all the stuff that has been going on in my life recently, I really feel God pulling me through and helping me through all of it. I know not a lot of my readers are religious or even believe in God… and some even mock the fact I have faith in God and believe in Him. I am ok with that. 🙂 

Integrity is what I am striving for in my life. And trust. And the ability to know what is the right and correct step. 

Ok, I have to do my homework now 🙂 I hope this update was an ok update! Hahahaha. Enjoy everyone. I need to write my dear friend Cindy back! I loved reading her letter the other day, so amusing… people at the cafe probably thought I was nuts cause I was laughing loudly at some of the things she was writing about! 

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