Post Graduation Blues

Post Graduation Blues

Well… I have graduated!!! Wow right? So crazy. I can’t believe it myself. I received a MacBookPro from my parents for graduation… and frankly, I’m lost! Hahaha… it’s all new! I’m used to a PC and now I have to figure out how to put some pictures on this thing. I downloaded some from my disk… but… yea. I also got a spiffy new Nikon camera. It is a gorgeous thing it is. 🙂 Takes some really nice pictures too. I went on a walk today and played with it. I will have to use it during the night time and catch the night views, that’s something I hated about my old camera. It just didn’t get night views really well…. I love pictures of gorgeous moons and city lights and having a camera that can capture that would be fantastic.

NOw I can’t figure out how to get my pictures I took on my Apple. blah…. I feel like such a n00b…

My dad also spoiled me with a pair of the toe shoes 🙂 They are so cozy and man when I went running yesterday I felt like a gazelle. I just ran the way I seem to naturally run, but regular shoes usually hurt my feet when I run that way. These new ones made me feel like I was gliding… I’m sure I didn’t look that way… but it sure felt that way. I can’t wait to run some more in these things. I also took a really long walk in them today. I’m a bit sore, they told me to not wear them this much but I think I’m ok. I walk around barefoot most of the time anyway.

Well, plans for summer is as follows.

Study for an ATI test and my NCLEX each day, find a job, work more hours, move into new apartment with my awesome friend CHAD, make a resume that’s makes people want to hire me, apply at all sorts of hospitals and clinics in the greater Seattle area, leave for Liberia on June 14th and return on June 30th, find job, and continue being completely awesome! I’m nervous, but I will be able to update the blog more that school is out. I feel like I was just not in the real world for the last few years and I have finally returned. On Saturday I slept for about 14 to 16 hours… and I can still sleep more if I wanted. Hahaha, I just need to rest up.

Anyway, no news about the ex husband, I feel as if I won’t talk much about that situation until July when the divorce is finalized. I’m going to counseling to better myself, but other than that nothing is really going on in that area of my life.

I am also hoping to get Letters from the World up and operational again! EXITED!!! 😀 I am actually super excited to get it going again, because I have missed corresponding sooooo freaking much! I am writing Cindy a letter right now, and I hope she likes it. It’s sorta short, I just don’t know how to throw four months into one letter!

Anyway, I must go.


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