Only the horses can bring us back home tonight.

Only the horses can bring us back home tonight.

OK, so I have 37 days til I leave for Liberia!! Whoa! Crazy right!??! I think so. I can’t believe I’m actually going back! Last year when I left, I knew I wanted to come back… I just didn’t know if I would. It’s one of those things, I KNOW I want to…. but I feel like because I loved it so much and I want to go back so much that it wouldn’t happen. To be honest, it almost didn’t because of financial reasons. However, I know I can get the funds I need for the trip. 

My plans today. 

1. Gym
2. Shower
3. Write thank you notes to those who gave gifts or came to my graduation service 🙂
4. Work on resume
5. Play outside in the gorgeous sun!!!
6. Unpack suitcase from my trip to Togo…. yea, I still haven’t unpacked it completely from when I got back from Togo. …. I’m holding onto my Africa any way I can!!! GGRRRRRR!!!

I have a “To-Do” list on my phone called “Quests” Hahahaha. Man, I have a lot to get done and I am excited to get it done. I don’t have school to force my schedule into existence, now I can just make my own.. and we all know where that leads…. there is a long road of just playing and forgetting homework/studying exists.

I did study last night with Saunders, I felt smart because I actually was doing well at it. I’m going to start a new journal. I tend to do that when major life events happen, I feel like it merits a new book to journal in. Leigh’s mum picked up a really cute one for me so I will start jotting down stuff in that one and will use it while in Liberia. I’m a sucker for paper and journals!! WWAAAHHH!! I don’t know why.

My calves are killing me from my FiveFingers Shoes. Hahahaha, ok, not killing me, but they are sore. I’m not sure I wanna work out today, but I’m thinking just doing the elliptical for a bit will help me feel better. I always feel better about myself and life after working out for 30 minutes at the least.

Alright, here is a picture of yesterday!


I can’t wait to go to the zoo and snap pictures! WEE!! OK, gonna go and figure out what to do. I need music!

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