33 Days. ….

33 Days. ….

Alright, I have 33 days til I leave for Liberia.

I have a test I have to take on May 29th, then the NCLEX hopefully before I leave. If I can’t take it before I leave I will take it after and ROCK ITS SOCKS OFF! Yes, tests have to wear socks too.

I move out of this apartment by June 3rd in with my new awesome roommate Chad 🙂 we are gonna have an epic apartment til October! I have to start getting rid of things and really buckling down and studying. This week I will have a schedule for myself to follow with the help of a few friends. I am horrible at actually following a schedule if someone isn’t keeping me accountable. These next two weeks are gonna be big and important for me.

I am leaving the apartment I once shared with Tyler, though there is not much residual from his being here thankfully. I am going to be getting rid of a lot. I am really liking the idea of starting completely new, or as new as I can. I was with a friend this weekend and she told me she keeps forgetting I was married. Frankly, I do the same. After I graduated nursing, it seems like the last few years of my life have just been one big dream… or nightmare…. depending on how you look at it.

In July I can get rid of the name Witthuhn at the end of my real name…. My name should always just be what I was born with and nothing else. I knew I shouldn’t have changed my name back when I got married and frankly if I get married again I am not taking on his name for a while. I like my name the way it is.

Anyway, gonna get rid of a lot of things these next two weeks. Goodwill will know me! Bahahahaha!!!

May 14th 2012

Today has been productive. Slept a lot 🙂 Have done laundry, cleaning, blankets, played in the sun, did some Goodwill organization, applied for a few jobs, and am now playing some music and am dancing around. … 🙂 and writing this blog. I am gonna finish laundry then get started on some Liberia stuff and studying for my test that I have to take. I just don’t know where to start because it is SOOOOOO broad! Blah. But gotta just start at the beginning of some books and really settle down and figure it out. My house is starting to get emptier. … I like it. This trend will continue…. and it will be good.

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