26 days, adorable otters, Saunders


26 days til Liberia.

10 days til ATI.

16 days til I move out completely from the FIRS.

3 days since the Aquarium and I saw this little guy!! SOOOO CUTE!!!

I overslept today and was unable to go to the Zumbathon for Serve the Children. Kinda mad at myself for not waking up through my alarm clock to be honest. But that only happens when I really need to sleep… also, I just sleep through anything…. I’m a pretty heavy sleepy.

So, for my birthday my parents got me the FiveFinger shoes from Vibram. I have been running in them countless times already and absolutely love them! I am going to start running outside here soon, the treadmill is nice but with the weather warming up I want to start running outside.

I am starting to get rid of a lot of my stuff that I don’t necessarily need anymore. I am going to pack up my books and store them at my parents. Sale my big dresser, my big bookshelf, and probably only have my one tall bookshelf, desk, coffee table, and dining room table as furniture. The table and bookshelf will require a different kind of vehicle to move aside from my little car, but I am sure I can make my little Elantra work. 🙂

I’m starting over new and fresh. No clutter. I hate clutter, I hate useless items, knickknacks, and stuff that I haven;t used in ages. Why keep something if I MAY need it in 2 years. A traveler really can’t live like that…and we all know (if you read my posts) I am a traveler at heart and forever will be. Some things just can’t be changed.

It is time for me to do some other things…. like study…. and figure out what else I can get rid of. 🙂 My house is going to be in shambles til I can figure out how to organize and pack everything. But I am ok with that. 🙂 I will make a slideshow up later of the Seattle day. Brett and I went into Seattle on Wednesday…. it was a fabulous day! I got some pickled carrots for my parents, they should enjoy that.

Tomorrow is a Liberia team meeting. I am excited to go. Gotta sign up for my VISA and such.

What am I gonna do with my life?? Eeeeessshhh…


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