Lethargy, 21 days, birthday surprises.

Lethargy, 21 days, birthday surprises.

Well hello!!!

I have 21 days til Liberia. 🙂 I watched a video of driving around Monrovia last night and I just loved it! WWAAAAAHHH!! I get to be back there soon 🙂 So excited!!! Seriously, you have no idea! Unless you do have some of an idea how it feels to go back to a place you love so much!

Also, I found out yesterday that the divorce paperwork, though I sent it in late March/early April was filed on my birthday! Woah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hahaha, I didn’t realize how awesome my birthday was! Best birthday present, aside from the raspberry lemon cheesecake Brett got me and the fact my counterpart baby dino came over that morning and picked me up with my favorite yogurt and a pound of strawberries just for me 🙂 My birthday was a better day than I had already thought! That means I will officially be divorced on August 1st 🙂 I think some sort of celebration is needed on that day 🙂

My new roommate Chad and I are going to have such a fun relationship! The main reason for this is because both of us are so freakin nice! He doesn’t care where stuff is and I don’t care where stuff is. We are both really easy-going and laid back and both of us are CLEAN! I don’t care about much, just be a clean person dagnabit! Most annoying thing is living with someone who is dirty and doesn’t care about their surroundings. Get’s very annoying because I don’t like picking up after people.

Well I have a full day and must shower and get this day started! Did a lot of working out yesterday and today I nanny from 1 to 1030, such a full and busy day! I can’t wait :)” Tomorrow is going to be full as well, I think a person is going to buy my cubby hole bookshelf and my dresser  🙂


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