Late nights ramblings.

Late nights ramblings.

Well, let’s see. I leave for Liberia in 4 days…. I feel like I am in a limbo period and just waiting for it to happen. It is the emotion I got at a swim meet just before I flew off the dive stool into the water and swam my heart out to the finish.

So much has happened in the last six months. I am at a great place in life right now. I haven’t felt more confident in who I am than I feel now. Going through the lows I did has made me appreciate what God really does in my life.

I have moved in with a friend in the next town over. Him and I are going to be great roommates, we can tell. Both of us are super polite and nice. He takes out the trash, I take out the trash, and his friends will take out the trash too! I am exited to have this adventure.

I was too young to get married…. kids, don’t say yes. I’m jaded. I would never trade the experience for anything because I wouldn’t be where I am now. Plus, listen to those red flags… I am going to be more keen on them if there is a next time around. I’m young yet, only 25, I have A LOT of life to live. Right now, life is such a limbo. I’m waiting to take my NCLEX to be a nurse, get a job, and start a new and different life from what I have had in the past. I feel as though my paradigm is shifting, and not just some minor shift…. a pretty hefty one.

My world is going to be ROCKED in the next coming weeks… I am already getting rocked…. greatly rocked, messed up, and tweaked with.

Amazing song. Loving it right now.

I can’t fully divulge my life right now, I gotta keep some things for myself. I’m still chewing on life.

I have to pack for Liberia soon. I haven’t even emptied my suitcase completely from Togo. I need to work on that. Also, I plan on packing most of my “needs” in my carry on and leaving the rest of the suitcases for business stuff that Serve the Children needs to bring over.

Pray for my strength. That is what I am going to need most on this trip. Not physical. But mental and emotional.

I’m gonna miss the smell of crayons.

I wanna go work out.

I need to run.

Peace. 🙂

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