Sinkor and 11th Street

Sinkor and 11th Street

An overview of Serve the Children in Liberia.

1. They have three schools located in Liberia. One is in Monrovia known as Sinkor, the other is at 15Gate just off the Firestone reservation, and the third one is in the Firestone reservation known as Civil Compound. When the teams are there we stay on the 3rd floor of the Sinkor school. So each morning you are awoken by the community waking up and children laughing, you fall asleep to either the sound of the ocean or thunderstorms, you eat delicious African food cooked by an amazing woman named Martha, you will sweat in places you didn’t know existed…. or even could produce sweat, and daily you love on kids who need it SOOO much.

2. Serve the Children is known as All God’s Children schools in Liberia

3. The school’s were started to provide free education to child soldiers and now provide education to kids that otherwise would not be able to have education.

4. A team goes to Liberia once a year (maybe twice depending on how many people want to go) and we attend graduations, church, meetings, and just love on kids the entire time we are there.


To the right side

And the back, looking at the kitchen, back door to the main building (to the left), and the outside class room to the right.

We live on the third story of this building. On that story there are four rooms, two bathrooms, and a dining hall area. The window on the left is the most loved room to sleep in because it has a lovely breeze coming in from the ocean (though it sucks to sleep near that window when it is raining because the rain will come drench you if the wind is right and it is often blowing just right) and the window on the right is the dining hall window.

The ocean Window (Julie’s, Jumah’s, and I’s room)

The other women’s bedroom in the back (Heidi, Joyce, and Kathy)

That window in the middle is just for the stair well. The portion behind the big painted AGC is the nursing station. The rest of the windows are to class rooms. Sinkor has a courtyard where kids play and a hut where most kids hang out in the afternoons and adults in the evening.

Courtyard and the Hut.

OK, so you have some of the layout right? Let me show you a couple of pictures of the classrooms, then we will take a walk outside onto the beach!!!

Well, let’s take a walk out the courtyard gate and look at the beach, you think you would like that? I think you would!!

Beautiful isn’t it? Well, it was rainy season… let me find a picture of a sunny day on the beach, you may be more impressed then. The picture above is looking right and the picture below is looking left. But this is the beach! Let us take a walk down the street to see the other gate to get onto the beach and the road.


Alright, so the next pictures is walking to this gate you see in the above picture on the left above the grassy portion….

This picture below is just outside the gate looking up 11th Street. 🙂 Let’s take a walk back in.

This is a building/school/home just right of the school’s property. The kids from here would come play with Julie and I all the time. Rita and Rose were names of two of the girls.

Here is a picture of the school looking at it from the beach, I kinda liked this shot. 🙂

Ok, I think that is all I will do today 🙂 But you get the layout of the 11th Street and Sinkor school for the most part. Is there anything else you would like to see or know about? Let me know! I will answer questions in the next blogs!!

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