Decisions, coffee, kittens, and fine dining.

Decisions, coffee, kittens, and fine dining.

So my life has been crazy. My divorce is finalized in about 10 days, I need to study to pass a test or two, work has been lacking, rent needs to be paid, a roommate looks like it may happen for when I have to move out around October, I’m losing weight without really trying ( I credit this to not having to study ALL day and being in a healthier place than I was in the marriage), I enjoy being outside and I do my best to get out there and walk and hike!

Basically, I study, work (when they call), study, make plans, clean, and stress out. I have an old friend from when I worked at Starbucks back in the day that would like to be roommates with me. I hope things work out, because I seriously LOVED her and wanted to be roommates with her a few years ago. I did something silly and applied to work at Starbucks, because if I can’t get a nursing job in the next six months (apparently it can be kinda tough) I need some sort of income and I know Starbucks, I’m good at it, and hopefully it would give me more consistent hours than I am getting now. Even if I just work part-time, then do my other job part-time, and study… I will be fine.

I’m going to start applying to 2 hospitals in the area a day or at least 6 to 8 (maybe 10) a week from now til I get a job. Who cares if I don’t have my NCLEX taken yet, I am just going to apply.

Also, I just gotta have faith I’m going to be fine.

Time to shower, head to Cafe Ricoco, and study. I have to work out sometime today so I will throw workout clothes in my bag for later.

Oh the kitten is amazingly cute and adorable. Finally settled on calling her River from Firefly cause she has crazy eyes!!! She snuggled with me and purred for a good portion of the morning. I feel so blessed to have found such a perfect kitten for me. I really feel that she was meant for me.

Keep praying for my tests, finances, organization, studying, roommates, and my family. I’m having a hard time and just need some support.

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