15Gate- Liberia, Africa 2012 Part 1

15Gate- Liberia, Africa 2012 Part 1

Do you remember where 15Gate was in our trip?? Or is this the first blog of mine you have read? Well, if you forgot or are just joining my blogging, 15Gate is at 15Gate just outside the Firestone reservation in Liberia. 🙂 It’s as simple as that.

15Gate had some of the SMILIEST kids!! WAAHH!! I loved their faces sooo much and needless to say I have  A LOT of pictures of them!!


OK, so here is the same progression of photos of these kids that I did at Sinkor of “show me your teeth”

Firstly get all kids to show me their teeth.


Secondly, have kids *puffs cheeks out* DO THIS! I got some great participation!!!

And this little guy here was fantastic at it!!


Thirdly, Do this!!! *sticks tongue out*

This next picture was actually them copying me telling them they did a great job and just giving them a thumbs up!!

Seriously the little guy in the Optimus Prime shirt was my favorite!! And of course, the little boy from last year, Solomon!! Here is a picture from last year of him and his friend David.

And here is the same duo this year!!! Solomon, last year, held my hand for the majority of the 15Gate graduation service, and this year told me, “Please, I really want to go to this school.”

Solomon was REALLY excited that I remembered him and his name! I could see it on his face that it meant a lot to him. He was shocked that I remembered him at first, and he hid his head in bashfulness. It was adorable. Also, do you see the color difference between the two cameras!! Oh my goodness, I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Mister Doug for being so generous on my graduation and spoiling me with a fantastic camera to take these gorgeous pictures with!

Here are some more pictures just of adorable kids!!!


Me attacking the cute little bugger with tickle fingers!!!!



All these pictures are from the day we dropped by here after Civil Compound. I am going to split 15Gate into two posts, the next time I will talk about the graduation! I have 78 pictures I wanted to share; however, I feel that it is just toooo many for one post. I have an interview to get to 🙂 I hope you enjoy this last face!!



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