When pastors are honest….

When pastors are honest….

Tonight I went to church. I go to Eastlake Community Church over in Bothell. I have been going there since March when I got back from Togo. I found the church through divorcecare.org to a group I went to. I didn’t really mesh with that group so I went to a different group; however, just going to that group led me to the church. I went with Steena the first time and we enjoyed it. My favorite part of Eastlake is the honesty and humanity in the pastors. Today the pastor, Jeremy, shared a moment in his life where he wasn’t obedient to God’s voice in his heart. I really appreciate the times pastors will share when they DISOBEYED! It’s so wonderful for the rest of society to know that pastors aren’t perfect either.

I think what frustrates me the most are pastor’s who come off all high and mighty. I also dislike how people expect them to be pinnacles of perfection. Guess what, they are humans too! They have weaknesses, they sin, they mess up, and they are in no way perfect. Being real with me, letting me know you are imperfect really gains my trust in you as a pastor.

Of course, pastors should not share their shortcomings in a boasting manner. And because they are pastors and because of their regulations of the profession they are in, there are sins that can get them punished or put on a leave.

Pastors are humans. Pastors are going to sin. Pastors needs grace. Pastors need understanding. Pastors also need to learn they do not HAVE to be perfect and they are allowed to sin…. they will NEVER be Jesus.

Thanks for being a pastor and teaching people about God…. and remember, teach values and things the general public can appreciate… not just church folk… remember the sinners too.


Oh, after church there were SNOW CONES!!! WAHHHHH!!! The lady that was handing them out told me she liked me cause I was easily pleased… SERIOUSLY!! SNOW CONES! Who doesn’t get excited when your church hands out snow cones afterwards or before!

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