Opinions of Opinions.

Opinions of Opinions.

Well, where do we begin?! Chik-fil-A, Christians, gays, lesbians, government, mobs, fights….

Guh. No, I’m not going into my own opinion because I am more angry about people expressing their opinions in such a way that is NOT respectful to their fellow man/woman.

Firstly, Christians, we have lots of Bible verses to throw in people’s faces (what about throwing some in our own faces), we have our faith, we have our beliefs, but we also have our HORRIBLE attitudes towards our neighbors. I am a Christian, I love Jesus, I go to church, I pray, I read my Bible, I sin, I mess up, and I am just a human. I get very frustrated with how Christians forget to see the person as a person and just see them for their sexual orientation, their addictions, their personality quirks, their shortcomings, their appearance, their bank account, e.t.c. I have friends who are gay and they have honestly been nicer to me, accepted me as me, and have shown more love and compassion towards me than A LOT of Christians. Guess what Christians, God accepts people as they are. According to OUR God you just have to exist for Him to love you. To come to God, you come as you are. If we are expecting people to CHANGE to then be accepted in our Christian communities than we are horrible mistaken. Our commandment as Christ followers is this “Love God, Love people.” Let’s show some love.

Secondly, people who are gay, who support all gay rights events. I just ask of you to remember that not all Christians are the same. There are horrible people whether they claim to be Christian or not. I know not all homosexuals hate Christians, just like not all Christians hate homosexuals. Just like I am reminding the Christian community to remember to show love towards everyone, please show some grace and love to us as well because frankly, I would rather you feel loved than feel hated.

Thirdly, opinions. They are all different. Opinions change during our lives, they are different for everyone, and they don’t make you RIGHT. This whole BLOG post is my opinion!! Hahaha, doesn’t make me right, but it is how I FEEL; and, I feel that we often hold onto our opinions SOOO passionately that we forget to show respect towards someone else’s opinion. Did you know the best way to have someone listen to you is to listen to them?

Fourthly, I understand we can’t be friends with everyone and I am not even asking that. I realize we each have our different beliefs and we will stand firm on our beliefs. But sometimes I feel like we attack each other too much and forget that even though we are different we still need to show love. I do not think those standards and beliefs PREVENT the Christian community from showing love to ALL man just like Christ would want us to.

Let us Restore some Faith in Humanity.

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