Everybody and their mom…

Everybody and their mom…

Is in surgery, having a medical emergency, or something of that nature right now 🙁 I think at least 6 of my friends have had a medical emergency for their mom or their grandma. I was going to complain earlier that I am having a horrible bad hair day… but then realizing so many of my friends were having to go through this stuff with close loved ones, I decided WHO CARES about my bad hair day.. just deal with it. I’m not having that bad of a day as some people right now.

I have a job. I work as a caregiver to one patient. I live with the person 3 days a week. Frankly, the more I work in it the more I realize I was made for nursing. It’s crazy ridiculous how naturally it just flows from me when I allow it. I’m a servant and I have a servant’s heart, sometimes I just get upset cause people abuse it JERKS!

Soon I am going to be moving in with my friend Joanna!! YAY! We found a nice apartment up in Redmond…oh and by we I mean Joanna. She found the apartment, she went and looked at it, and she told me how amazing it is. I looked at it on Google, saw it is in an area I REALLY wanted to live in anyway, and just said DO IT! I haven’t even been there yet, but I have signed papers! Hahahaha. I know it will be perfect. She did all the work and she even got a job AT the complex! So rent goes down! YAY! I can’t wait to be in one apartment for a few months.

The best thing is. It will be a clean, non stinky apartment 🙂 My apartment is driving me nuts because it’s never clean unless I clean it and it always smells like damp, dank, and smoke sometimes even trash because I don’t take the trash out since I do dishes, vacuum, and straighten everything else up. At least my room is generally more clean and doesn’t smell as bad… and I even have a cat box in my room for River. The new place is going to have light, be clean, and be in walking distance to a lot… and I won’t be paying way too much to live there.

Alright, NCLEX is on its way to be taken!! YAY! Then nursing jobs will be hunted for.

I’ve started getting into writing letters and postcards again 🙂 Thankfully just in time for winter!!

I will post a blog on my adventure to Deception Pass after this one! I went on Saturday.

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