Hello again cruel internet world

It has been a while. I really haven’t blogged at all this last year I would say…. I kept a better paper journal though. A lot of what I wanted to say should not be shared with the world at times. And a lot of thoughts last year should not be posted on the internets.

What’s up with me? Well, I’m a registered nurse 🙂 YAY! I’m working a few different jobs though while applying for nursing jobs and just trying to figure out where I want to go in life now. 

I’m working in hospice still, a few of my patients passed away so I am down on my hours there. I nanny my usual family still. I also picked up a job at a local pub 🙂 I work there on the weekends and have completely enjoyed the people I work with and the atmosphere. 

What’s crazy is the pub I’m working at is the pub my ex got wasted at over a year and half ago. …  the same night he also told me he wanted to have sex with the girl he was flirting with more than he ever wanted to have sex with me. Even weirder, our server that night is the owner of the pub. Bwahahahahaha!! He also recognized me. 

I’m doing a lot better than I was last year at this time. I feel stable. I’m paying my bills with my three jobs, I’m making friends, I have adventures. 

I also weight 169 again 🙂 Once I hit 165 I’m cutting my hair off. I honestly thing I will change it to when I hit 160. Then I am allowed to cut my hair. 

My sleep schedule is ALL wonky. I go to sleep around 4 in the morning and get up around 11, go to the gym, go to work. Well, that is if I am not working a morning shift… which I do a lot. My only day off is Tuesdays and seriously… not enough. 

I need to make a “To-do” list of all the things I wanna get done in the next couple weeks. Like, clean my car out. I’ve been putting that off since I moved around quite a bit this last year…. guh. I’m glad I’m settled for a while… moving sucks. 

Well, goodnight. 


I am a nurse, lover of life, spazztastic dinosaur, explorer, adventurer, nerd (kinda), natural hippie attempter, optimist, postcard enthusiast, pen pal, missionary, exerciser, health conscious, tea addict who gets confused in life and loves living it.

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