The odd thing we call life

I really have not blogged since being outta school.
I miss the schedule of school to be honest, it forced me to have a regular schedule of productivity. Now I kinda have to figure it out….and I have discovered I am not the best at it.

I have so many things I want to do in one day but it really isn’t feasible with how much time I have, and honesty this happened a lot during school too… I want to do so much but there is never enough time. Is that how life is gonna turn out for me?

There is so much I want to do in my life as well…. Will I have the time?.. This year, I want to travel to a new country and do missions there. I want to go to India with Serve the Children. I have such a desire to travel.

Anyone wanna hire me as a nurse???? You should. I would be a strong addition to your hospital/team/clinic… would not be disappointed in me. I am a strong, dedicated worker.

I just need to convince someone of this because I know it…..


I am a nurse, lover of life, spazztastic dinosaur, explorer, adventurer, nerd (kinda), natural hippie attempter, optimist, postcard enthusiast, pen pal, missionary, exerciser, health conscious, tea addict who gets confused in life and loves living it.

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