Pizza, Gym-time, and cozy clothes.

Pizza, Gym-time, and cozy clothes.

These last two days were interesting. …. I had a fun day in Seattle yesterday and ate deliciously… I also found The Walking Dead graphic novel and am HOOKED!! Also, I”m broke til next month probably. I spent about 22 bucks on groceries tonight…. I got a big bag of potatoes, some cheese, some marinara, cashews (bulk version), and broccoli… I’m pretty sure I will make it on what I have and those few groceries I just got. 

Today I had an interview, applied for a couple jobs, went to work, went to the gym, made me some homemade pizza, and now I am eating some pizza and watching a chick flick… shush. I hate chick flicks but I like this one. Grrrr. I also have to get 12 hours of stuff done for my current job that I was hoping to be out of by my birthday, but guess what …. I’m not. 

I just had some pizza… but I want more. I’m famished. All I had today was a pbj, which I will be living off of for a while. Bwahahahaha… too bad I didn’t get ramen today, but that stuff bloats me up horridly and I hate it. So I would rather eat potatoes and curry, noodles with marinara (homemade), and whatever else I can conjure up. 

I wouldn’t be in this pickle of that stupid student loan paperwork had went through on time and I didn’t have to pay freaking 350 extra bucks this past month. Because of that, I’m screwed. I did all sorts of stuff on time, but that didn’t go through. Bummer right?!

 GAH! Oh well… guess I will lose more weight though hmmm?? Bwahahahaha. Image

Up above was my delicious lunch date with myself. The salmon burger looks like a tongue!! BWAHAHAHA. Got it at the Athenian in Seattle… at Pike Place. 

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