Nutmeg, faces, diets, work, routines.

Nutmeg, faces, diets, work, routines.

Nutmeg, faces, diets, work, routines.

I make it my nightly routine to wash my face, do a short face mask, brush my teeth, feed the kittens, straighten up my room, read some literature, listen to some classical music, and then sleep soon comes.

I have noticed a huge improvement in the health of my skin 🙂 This face mask in general improved my skin quality just after one use! Here is it.
juice of 1/2 a lemon
1tbsp Nutmeg
2ish tbsp of baking soda to thicken up the solution.

Watch out! It does foam! Hahahaha… I have at least one more use left over so I stored it in a small container for tomorrow night. I let the mask stay on 15 minutes then rinsed it while using it as an exfoliator as well. Then I did one more wash with African coal soap. My face feels amazing.

I have been cheating in my diet though 🙁 I’ve been having cheese… and frankly I am remembering why I hardly eat cheese. It makes me feel so fat, bloated and flubbery. I need to stop eating so much cheese and start drinking my grapefruit juice and vinegar again. Gr… I don’t wanna but I must. I like the things it does to my tummy… I look like I am getting abs!!

Alright, sleep time. I picked up another hospice client and I will be taking care of her Monday and Thursday. So, my days got a lot more fun! GAH!

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays I think I have two shifts… Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I have one shift at different places. I can’t wait for my REAL nursing job.

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