So here are some photos. The one of my face is a new mask I made and tried out tonight. It is ironic really… I don’t mind posting photos of me with mask stuff on my face, but I don’t like having pictures taken of me otherwise. Hahahaha… oh well, here is the mask recipe:

It is a cup of oatmeal that I ground up in a little coffee grinder, 2tbsp(ish) of honey, hot water to the consistency I wanted, and then I topped it off with 3 drops of essential oil (lavender was my choosing).


So, as I wash my face at night I have two little/big cats that watch me.


The black one is my cat, we know her as River if you keep up with my blog.


The other cat is my roommate’s cat, his name is Percy, but I call him Percifus – it is his Latin name.



They both sit on their perch, or toilet, and watch me at night when I am brushing my teeth and washing my face. It is rather amusing really, they always seem so interested in what I am doing. We even have little conversations. Meaning, they meow and I meow back… then they meow again at me. After a while River gets annoyed and hops onto the sink and tries to nuzzle me.


Anyway, that’s tonight’s mask. I also started a new teeth whitener treatment. I will tell you the outcome of that if there is any 🙂


If you know of any good face masks let me know!


Oh, and I wrote Cindy a letter the other day. I just need to stamp it and get it in the mail. 🙂 I’m gonna get back into post carding soon.


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  1. I’m excited about the letter! I haven’t received your previous one by the way 🙁 Sucky post sucks! Hopefully I will get this one 🙂

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