Magnaminty, Scrubs, and generic life things

Magnaminty, Scrubs, and generic life things

Well, today has so far been a fun day 🙂 Woke up in a great mood, snuggled with River a bit, then went off to the gym. I finally brought my printer in. Hahahaha, I just have to find all the cords for it now because I need to scan items and send them into different organizations for name changes and such. Le sigh.

On other news, I need my usual LUSH face mask today… Mask of Magnaminty 🙂

Everytime I do this mask I feel like I just perked up my skin… like it just got its own little lift and tighten 🙂 My face likes it 🙂

I did a lot of little organizing yesterday. You see, I got a nursing job which means my income is going to increase with just one job. Yes, I have a bunch of money to spend on student loans, but otherwise I will be doing a lot better off than I am doing now. I have three little part time jobs I work but they don’t help pay nearly enough. Also, my job will have benefits so I won’t have to pay the amount I’m paying now for healthcare! WOOO!

But in preparation for my nursing job, I went out and bought some scrubs of different colours!! I am excited to finally wear scrubs!  🙂

But, I used my little composition book that I have all my bills lined out in to organize my bills, needs, and wants. 🙂 My wants were very simple actually. I want to buy a good pair of shoes for work, I want to buy a new pair of toe shoes, and I want to eventually have my own apartment.

I’m excited to have a steady income, to pay student loans, to pay Serve the Children, to pay for rent, to pay for all my other bills, and probably save a little on the side as well 🙂 After all my adult things are taken care of after my first two paychecks, I’m taking myself out to dinner and I might bring Josh along 😛

Well, I’m off to shower and rinse off my mask. I have work tonight at the pub. I’m so thankful for this job. If it wasn’t for my Bossman hiring me there and people accepting me, I wouldn’t have made it these last few months. Not just financially but also emotionally. JJs was a great blessing these last few months and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without it.



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