Small Adventures and Smiles and a train to Hogwarts!

Small Adventures and Smiles and a train to Hogwarts!

Well, here is some pictures of the walk the other day. 


It was just a nice little walk in the sun 🙂 WOOT! Here is the little brother Kyle and a picture of me all smiles because I love being outside!! YAY! 


I don’t usually have someone around to take pictures of me so I handed Kyle my camera and said “TAKE MY PICTURE!!” Hahahahaha



All smiles in the outdoors… or well, inside a kids toy shaped like a train. We had tea on the train while going to Hogwarts or something I think. Bwwhahahaha, I preferred my tea with cream and one scoop of sugar 🙂 

I’m doing an egg white face mask today… it makes your face REALLY tight as it is drying. WOWZERS! 

Make sure when you do your egg white face mask, you froth it up quite a bit with a whisk or a fork 🙂 

I’m off to get stuff done and work 🙂 YAY! 

I found some cute postcards yesterday and am going to write one up to Cindy 🙂 

One thought on “Small Adventures and Smiles and a train to Hogwarts!

  1. Yaaaayy! Postcards! I still need to write to you too! I am too busy having fun to sit down and write 🙂 Also, I only have 3 months before going to Hogwarts (aka Leakycon) so I obviously need to do ALL THE HARRY POTTER THINGS. Which is a lot.

    I kinda just got home from a freaking awesome concert that I went to alone. I was scared to go alone at first but it was totally awesome only now I am still excited and superhappy and there is nobody to share it with….

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