So last night at work we had a homeless, possibly schizophrenic man wander into our facility. The girls I was working with were, needless to say, a little scared after the whole thing and wouldn’t stop guarding the door. 

The man was at the Plaza first, then wandered down to my rehab facility. I was the only nurse on duty for 22 patients last night with two NACs. I heard the door open and peered down to see who it was. I was aware he may wander into my place because the lady from Plaza let me know about him. 

He meandered into the nursing lounge, I walked down the hall, watched him in the lounge, and asked him what he was doing. He was rustling about the jackets on our clothes rack when I asked this and he quickly turned toward the vending machine and stated, “I was going to buy something.” When he faced me to tell me that I saw a huge hole ripped in his pants and his penis was just saying hello. I walked out of the lounge quickly and let the NACs know he was here and I am going to get him out. 

On of the NACs stayed with me but back a ways. I asked him to leave and kept the hallway blocked so he couldn’t go down and bother my patients. The only door available to him was the door OUT! 

He accused me of being a racist white girl since he looked of Hispanic decent. I just stated that he wasn’t associated with anyone in this facility and I am protecting my patients and he had to leave. He did without any aggression or physical pressure. 

After which I had the NAC call our two adult family homes to let them know NOT to unlock or open their doors and I called the police to report the incident. Cops came and found him across the street. I signed the Trespass form where if he is around again we call the cops and he gets arrested. Cops informed me they had an issue with him then night before too! Cops confirmed there is a mental illness. Needless to say it was an interesting night.  


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