Face Masks, body scrubs, and general life.

Face Masks, body scrubs, and general life.

Well today I knew I needed to do a body scrub and a face mask so I did! I did the usual Aztec face mask. I warned people before that it makes your face red after, so this time I took sequential pictures to show you!

IMG_0153 IMG_0158


So in the first picture, as you can easily tell, that is when I just lathered the Aztec Clay Mask on. The other two photos I’m honestly trying to move my face, but the mask makes it incredibly impossible to get much movement at all from your face! I also wanted to show the cracking it does when it is dry or basically dry.

That last picture is my face red from the mask. This only lasts about half an hour, so it isn’t all that bad unless you are in a rush to get out and about.  A lot of suggestions have said do this mask at night because of this effect it has on your face. I don’t really bother with it.



I made my usual body scrub of coconut oil, raw sugar, and some baking soda then threw in a teaspoon of rose water and six capsules that I popped open of this Evening Primrose oil. Needless to say my skin was super soft afterwards and will be for a few days. I generally do a sugar+oil scrub two to three times a week. My favourite is my coffee scrub which I was short on yesterday so I had to throw this one together.

Anyway, time for me to go run errands, actually finish laundry, and then get my butt to work. I work four full shifts in a row this week. Tuesday to Friday. It is odd for our schedules in eve shift honestly. I tend to get three or four full shifts a week, but then a four hour day as well due to low census. Oh well. Shower time!

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