Trying something new… soy protein powder.

Trying something new… soy protein powder.

Trying something new...

Today at Trader Joe’s I broke down and just bought the HUGE container of soy protein powder. I have been looking for a while for something to help boost protein, but I just think all protein supplement things are NASTY and weird and gross and the texture is just HORRID!! BLEEGGGCCCKKK!!! I usually buy those single use packets of the non-dairy protein powder first before trying the WHOLE thing. That’s why it was hard to buy the whole thing… I didn’t know what its texture was going to be like.

The honey jar has nothing to do with the shake other than I shake my shakes in the honey jar. I reuse old jars as much as I can. If they prove they can be useful within the month of saving them, then I save them.

So, now my gym routine will consist of a protein shake and we shall see if there is anything help in it. Bwahahahahaha. Anyway have fun guys. I need to shower and get moving. Work again today. Day two of four. 🙂 After today I will be halfway through my week! YAY!!

I have been sending Cindy videos and postcards. Getting back into my letters and things. 🙂

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