Disappointment …

Disappointment …

Recently, I have been exhausted. I’m quite frustrated with how tired I aways seem to be. I haven’t been able to do all the things I generally like to. My time is consumed by work, sleep, chores. I have to leave for work at 2 start at 3 get done around 1130ish and am home after midnight. I tend to have a pretty healthy sleep routine of coming home, having tea, and then sleeping. 

But I am not able to get up and do what I used to. I quite enjoy doing my gym routine, facemask, doing errands and the little other things I enjoy before heading out to work. However, what is happening is I am just wiped. I’m thinking I am going to have to force myself to just GO for even 30 minutes on the freaking elliptical and just MAKE a routine… force the ROUTINE again. 

I am also going to the doctor to make sure it is just the exhaustion from work stress or whatnot. I don’t want it to be another issue I could just solve with supplements or something. Hahahah, that would just be silly to work against something that is dragging me down with the wrong tools.

Anyway, I have started crocheting again. Did that a while ago before the crazy happened in my life two years ago. Woah, can’t believe all that has happened since two years ago. Anyway, glad I am doing things I love, gonna keep learning nursing stuff, and just keep moving forward. 

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