Oh goodness! Mark proposed Saturday evening. He had his original plan foiled! He was going to take me up into a seaplane around Seattle and propose once we were done or something silly like that!! But LAKE UNION WAS FROZEN OVER. For Saturday and Sunday they said. Oh goodness.

He planned to take me out to a VERY lovely dinner to El Gaucho in Bellevue. I chose an amazing swordfish steak and he had filet mignon. Our sides were steamed broccoli and crimini and shiitake mushroom risotto. He chose an amazing wine pairing for our dinner, best wine I have tasted yet!

What I didn’t know was Mark had all the staff who were caring for us involved. He proposed by coming over to my side of the table (HE HAD THE SERVER MOVE THE PEOPLE NEXT TO ME), getting on one knee, and then asked me something along the lines of “Will you do me the honor of being my wife?” ( I had to ask him to repeat it again cause I didn’t at first catch what he said…. I was in shock) He was shaking his hands off. He had the ring custom-made from a jeweler on Etsy named Joe. Joe was very excited about Mark’s proposal so I am hoping Mark filled him in. I would also at some point like to spam Joe on my blog because seriously…. he did an amazing job on my ring. ย Hahahaha, Mark told me about this when he finally was able to unload all the stress he had built up from this little ring. He didn’t know if it was the right colour, shape, if I would even like it…. HE CHOSE WONDERFULLY…. but him being him he went off to crazy land and over analyzed it all over again and again!

Of course I said “Yes” and may have even ALMOST shed a tear. He had so many ideas such as Paris, Germany, Hawaii, planes, helicopters, Victoria, and so many that just didn’t work with this weekend. We have decided that when we honeymoon we will go to some of these places ๐Ÿ™‚ Like Paris! And Germany! Also visit his family in England. He proposed the way he ย knew would work best for both of us this weekend. Have a quiet weekend with a nice dinner…. very. nice. dinner.

Anyway, life event I didn’t see coming so soon but am completely happy with the man who has chosen me because I have chosen him as well.

Proposal night.

He inspires me to be a better person, to always keep trying, he supports me on days I am just down and trodden over from life, his love clearly gushes out of him for me, I haven’t met someone I am as comfortable with as I am him. I love him. When I’m not being logical, he just understands and loves anyway. He lets me figure out my problems in my head without getting upset with me. He treats me with utmost respect. We can have silly dance parties in the kitchen together while cooking. He doesn’t complain about our vegetarian diet, the fact we do have to go to the gym, the fact I do not want to drink and party and am completely happy watching a show while enjoying a cup of tea with him. He supports me in being me and discovering me. He is missing the tears that I have right now because I am thinking about how wonderful he has been.

Also, we look super cute together ๐Ÿ˜›

Apparently now I have to plan an engagement party or some weird stuff like that ๐Ÿ˜› Also, we haven’t set a date yet. I need time to plan. ๐Ÿ˜›

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