Spiru-tein in Chocolate

Spiru-tein in Chocolate


Well, here I am trying another protein powder thing. This one actually has a palpable flavor and doesn’t taste like I’m chewing on raw beans and such. I have to have plant protein shakes given the whey gives me horrid breakouts and such from general protein shakes.

This one mixes well, still some chunks but at least they are tasty chunks. Hahahahaha…

It has 97 kcal with 14 grams protein. Adding it to almond milk outs it up to 177 kcals. There is no fat and only 7 grams of sugar. Also it has a TON of vitamins and minerals wrapped it. Lots of them at 100%. I am impressed with flavor and what it offers. I’m thinking a chocolate banana blended one next time though. Or vanilla strawberry 🙂 yummmmersss!!!

This is also inspiring me to so a spiraling facemask!!! So of course I am going to!!

After I get some cornbread going for my tomato butternut squash soup I put in the crockpot last night 🙂 it is creamy and delicious!! I can’t wait to eat it all up!! I will have to post pictures of that. I need to add some spinach to the finished product once served into bowls 🙂

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