I discovered PCC.


Just stop and go ….. “Uh oh, Keshia discovered another land of loverly home fresh veggies and fruits with LOTS of lovely items in bulk shelves.”

Anyway, they had the most gorgeous mushrooms. SO I decided to make mushroom and barley soup 🙂


I’m using Trader Joe’s mirepoix, some barley (probably 1/2 cup), just al little over one pound of mushrooms, butter (because it is of the Gods), dill weed (which I found in bulk at PCC and it smelled amazing!!), Parsley, and of course veggie or chicken broth maybe 6 to 8 cups. Not sure yet. I’m actually typing this as I am melting some butter to start putting all my mushrooms in to cook.

Alright, so what I did was !!!!

Put the mirepoix and mushrooms slices into the butter and sauté tip the veggies are brown, I suppose this takes 20ish minutes.




I added my dried barley to this mix half way through.


Then add some spices, like dill and parsley 🙂 Maybe a dash of basil!

Keep stirring tip the veggies are nice and soft and brownish (not that burnt brown).


Then add 2 tablespoons of flour as a thickening agent.


I made a half chicken/veggie stock. Add this gradually. I did two cups at a time. and let it boil then stirred it more. I didn’t want to lose flavor so I let it boil up slowly and just watched it.


During all this cooking I had presents to wrap….  no pictures of that, it was a non-photogenic disaster!! However, dinner is almost done, I am finding jars to fit the lovely bulk items I purchased at PCC today.. dill weed, lavender, ascorbic acid powder, baking soda (ONLY 99cents a pound!! Thats my face wash!!) chia seeds, and maybe something else?

My friend Jasmina gave me some jars so I must be putting them to use 🙂 Also, I am pairing Apothic Dark red wine with dinner this evening with fresh rolls 🙂 YAY!  Picture up soon of completed dinner. I am so impatient for the rolls to be done already!!



All done 🙂 and dished up 🙂



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