New Addition to the family!!!

New Addition to the family!!!


Mark and I have added an addition to our little family that consists of two cats, ourselves, and part-time children! We have added a puppy! His name is Jaspar…. which I like to spell JAZZPURR!! Bwahahahah.

We went to Seattle Humane Society to look at a puppy, that honestly neither of us were very interested in, and as we were walking down that corridor past all the other dogs I spotted Jazz and stopped at his cage he shared with his brother. We took him to the meet & greet after fighting in line to make sure we were the first people to see him. WE MADE IT! He already knew few basic commands, he was a loving little sweetheart and we took him home. We went to the pet store and gathered him a few things plus a crate. He was nervous about getting in the car, didn’t like to jump in, but he grew to run and leap! We took him on a walk to our favourite pub, JJ Mahoney’s, just down the street. He settled well and was very well behaved around people!

That night he slept in our room and when we woke up in the morning I heard that he was REALLY congested. We took him to Kingston that day to say goodbye to a few friends who are moving to Paris! Monday morning I woke up to him having a lot of difficulty breathing. I immediately signed him up on Trupanion, listened to his lungs, and noticed his snot was green/yellow. I took him into the vet that evening and they gave me some antibiotics just in case it was a bacterial thing. Well then he decided he didn’t want those nasty tasting things… I don’t understand why they don’t just give liquids of those things

Anyway, he is a lethargic sleepy puppy. NOT NORMAL. But he is a love! So happy to have this pupple!



I really hope he starts to feel better πŸ™ My poor guy! He has such a sweet face and personality. He was a great pound puppy find!

On a second note! My new job is going well. I quite enjoy the pediatric side of life πŸ™‚Β It is a bit stressful learning all new things and keeping up to date on all sorts of things. I’m really enjoying it though. The doctor’s are amazing and very sweet. They answer questions, help you, tease you, and are all around lots of fun. The work environment is so much different from the last place. Anderson House had turned into a very hostile work environment. The managers did not respect their employees. So this environment is a lot different and I’m still waiting for one of them to treat me in a very juvenile way by possibly giving me the silent treatment or telling coworkers they are allowed to talk to me. I’m so glad to be out of that place. It gave me a lot of experience and confidence in my nursing skills, but I am EXTREMELY glad to leave it behind me.

Anyway, it is time to wake that snotty, sleeping dog and take it for a nice long walk. He needs to exercise and get that snot out!


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