The New Digggggs!

The New Digggggs!

So today Mark and I woke up, had breakfast and immediately started packing our house…. We made a huge dent! IMG_2095

 The kitchen is basically empty and our bedrooms are pretty much packed! Mark OCD’ed on all the boxes and organized those. After getting fed up with packing for an hour or two we then decided to head to our house and check out the yard. We of course used Jazzpurr as an excuse to go “check it out” just so we could run him around.

IMG_2097 IMG_2101 IMG_2108

The house is lovely!!

Katie (Mark’s daughter) and I are going to decorate a portion of the house cubbies with our candle stick and the rose from the night Mark proposed. Seriously one of my wine bottles that hold one of my favourite roses. It is one of my most treasured little things that  I want to place in our house with a picture of him and I.

Anyway, Jazzpurr ran around and we looked around, then we left. We then found this amazing little spot in downtown Bothell. It is called “The Hop and the Hound” the owners there were amazing! Also it was their dog Charlie’s birthday!! He is 11 years old today, and in honor of his birthday they were giving a dollar each pint the charity that helps older dogs find homes!


Mark and I loved meeting them and chatting with them. They are also in works with the lovely cafe down the road we love, Alexa’s!!! We can not wait to get to know everyone in that little down town area 🙂 We are also excited to have a lovely home to invite our friends over for casual lovely dinners.

It is now around 8pm and Mark and I so done with packing. Dinner tonight will be leftover curry or cereal since we are in the midsts of packing.

4 More Showers to go in this place…. I am surely going to miss our spot in Redmond.. but I am also excited for what is new.

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