A Not-So-Lazy Sunday.

A Not-So-Lazy Sunday.


Mark and I are simply exhausted. We annihilated the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and downstairs rooms…. I cleaned all the kitchen cabinets and the fridge/freezer.

We packed so MANY boxes. Mark OCD’ed all over the boxes. We lost a few of our items today though!! We found GROSS mold all along the down stairs closet so we lost some good paintings and decorations πŸ™ And maybe destroyed our lungs in the process.



Look at all that grossness!! AH! Also, the people in charge of Avignon Townhomes seemed less than concerned about this issue. It was truly upsetting. Yes we are leaving in a few days, but this is still a terrible issue that needs to be addressed!

Look at those boxes up there!!! He was SO OCD on his organizing. And below we see a picture of Mark giving me the eyes that say, ” Are ya done taking pictures yet?? Is it time to Β help yet?”





All this time while Mark and I are busting our butts to get things packed the darn animals are just lounging around like nothing is going on. We at least two of them were! Jasper and Badger were but River was happily tromping through the garage and other misplaced areas of the house.

IMG_2126Β Β IMG_2133


We have realized we must eat our last reserves of food. However, once I realized we do not have any fruit or spinach I had to fix that. We can not live off no fruit and veggies! BLUGH! I don’t know how to eat without veggies. In light of this we did walk down to the store and purchased fruits and spinach. Tonight we finished off some of the leftovers in the forms of a quesadilla. Yea, not THAT healthy, but it didn’t have tons of cheese. We used the left over rice and beans from our tacos yesterday at The Hop and Hound…. it was from Julio’s from across the street. We were SUPER impressed with their food… yummy yummy! Β We then had a yummy dessert. I had mango sorbet with strawberries and some chocolate morsels. πŸ™‚ Mark had the same but with Talinti Ice-cream. Portions look larger than in real life πŸ™‚

IMG_2139Β IMG_2150

Mark and I went to Home Depot to get more boxes, became Founders at the Hop and Hound (Mark was super excited!!!), Mark really wanted Pho so we got that, came back home, and then we did A LOT MORE PACKING! GAHHH!

I REALLY wanted to make some stuff with my oils this evening but my baking powder and other ingredients are all packed up and away πŸ™ I do have my oils though πŸ™‚


My plants need replanting (and at Home Depot today I picked up more seeds). I got some more herbs, flowers (because the big rock wall in our backyard needs some Morning Glories), and veggies to plant. I’m hoping to plant them and germinate them quickly after being in the new house. I don’t have much time though so I may have to suffer and just get plants already spouted. See look at these bad boys!



I had Jazzpurr sniffing some of the basil and mint πŸ™‚




The herbs are growing outrageously! I am SUPER excited to plant them in our garden πŸ™‚






It even looks like I might have a flower here shortly!


That’s enough for today, I feel as though this post is overloaded with pictures…… maybe too much! You can decide.


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