Mornings, kids, plants, glories, gardening, dogs…. Oh the busy-ness of life!

Mornings, kids, plants, glories, gardening, dogs…. Oh the busy-ness of life!

Oh goodness! Where to even start! We MOVED! YAY! Last week we moved to our new house and it is a lovely house! We moved to be closer to Mark’s kids and also to have a very house of our own. The children LOVE the house!! So exciting! They had a lot of fun moving and packing while we were doing so the week they were with us. I had a lot of fun teaching them things and hanging out with them as well 🙂

Morning Glories: I planted some Morning Glories to put along our rock wall (see it in the window in the below picture) in the back garden. Well, I only planted them on June 26th and look what we have today!!


WOAH! They really sprung up there! I am going to replant them with some sticks to start vining up tomorrow or the next couple days. The kids watched me plant them and helped; they are going to be so excited to see them all grown!

Katie’s Birthday: Katie had a wonderful birthday before her birthday!! Her dad got her a new bike for the new house!! She loved it! We also had Nana and Poppy over for dinner on Sunday night where we treated them to our traditional Sunday dinner of sausage roll (vegetarian of course!) and veggies. Do not forget Katie’s favourite part though, the SWEET CHILI SAUCE! That girl loved it. My parent’s I think liked it too! Nana gave Katie some lovely outfits for her to wear here, and boy did she look all grown up! I can’t believe how much she has developed into a lovely girl in just this last year! She is just simply gorgeous already. She must have got her dad’s looks!  🙂


This was from our walk the evening we were fully moved in 🙂

My Man and Our Dog:  (just pictures of my lovely man of a Man and our dog)

IMG_2331 IMG_2349

Tortillas: What do you do when you don’t have tortillas at home and you don’t want to take the quick trip to the store to buy some? MAKE THEM!!! (yea yea, I know it took me 1.25 hours, but it was TOTALLY worth it!


Tonight’s dinner was COMPLETELY homemade enchiladas 🙂 Sauce and all! We used lentils for protein, insides were made up of eggplant, mushrooms and yellow pepper, all the while being placed in those delicious homemade tortillas 🙂 It was worth the effort for sure! I absolutely love my gas stove top and oven! I had all four burners going at once! Mark was most impressed.

(this is my ugly shirt, I like my ugly shirt)
Castor Oil and Clove Oil:
I have chosen a new oil to try out and that is Clove oil. I add a new one from time to time to try them out. Clove is good for scars and skin care in general. I have also added castor oil into my regimen! I placed some mixed with clove oil on my face this evening and will be sleeping with it on. Honestly, castor oil doesn’t feel like I have oil on my face as olive oil and even my best friend, coconut oil, does. Also, I love the clove smell 🙂 Now that I have added clove to my collection, I am able to make up a great headache mix for Matthew to use while he is here. It will go along perfectly with his sleeping “potion” I made him and Katie.

Some pictures 🙂 


Mark and I enjoyed some lovely, homemade strawberry daiquiri on our first REALLY hot day! 
IMG_2301 IMG_2304
Here is some pictures of the kids! Katie getting her bike, them laughing and giggling maniacally. They laugh so much when they are with us, I know it feels me with joy to hear their laughter.
IMG_2272 IMG_2265
IMG_2256 IMG_2255
Matther and Mark worked hard at getting our outdoor seating assembled the first night 🙂
Kids playing in the yard with the dog 🙂
IMG_2185 IMG_2183
Here was the view tonight! No filter! Just an iPhone 🙂 Lovely sky!!!
Finally, I wanted to show you my two other things I am growing… the first one is Sage and Rosemary. apparently they are really challenging to grow and take a long time to germinate, so there is nothing to see but dirt. The second picture is my chamomile and lavender! All the chamomile have sprung up and one of the lavender 🙂 Just waiting!
IMG_2322 IMG_2321


Enjoy my overly long post!

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