Blog is finally up and running!

Blog is finally up and running!

Ok, so there may be some glitching and mess-ups, but Mark and I will discover and work on those. However, he finally set up my blog to be on its own little account. Now I have to start working with the innards and other things. But frankly I was just wanting to post pictures!!!!! BWAH! And now that it is up and running and I have played with it a little bit I have nothing I want to write about.

*interjection* Mark thinks I am a mad typer, I think he is silly.

Anyway, no stories. Must go do stuff and things then maybe I will write a blog with lots of stories and pictures. I do have a lot to write about. We have a garden, I am saving the herbs, making bowls, doing crafts with kids, finding supplies for all my home DIY stuff, and have been having lots of success just trying my best to live life. 🙂 Though tonight I have decided I am going to do nothing but watch the TV, eat pizza, drink beer, and just relax (this whole idea turned into blogging, helping Mark get blinds sorted out for the house, probably taking a walk, did set up the cat litter boxes around the house, and have to cook dinner. Yup, that’s being lazy right?



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