Misadventures of Toothless River

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Well, recently River has been a whole new type of kitten (being a 2-year-old one).

She has been friendly, dealing with my antics, and (as shown below) even lets me put hats on her.


She does steal my chair and make me sit awkwardly side ways next to her…. because seriously, who is gonna move a cat off the chair! That would just be too easy.



The cats have greatly enjoyed their new playground – the backyard. Badger is much shyer about being adventurous; however, my tiny 6 pound Ms. River is tromping around the neighborhood like it is her own town. She chases bugs and bees of course, and I’m trying to get her to chase the rabbits (who eat my Morning Glories and Pansies and have to PAY).

IMG_2990 IMG_2992  IMG_2996

During my gardening time she follows me around the yard on our rock wall. She is very curious! It was super cute today how much she followed me around.

When I meow for her, she returns my meow with the most boisterous “I AM OVER HERE!!!” meow she can muster in her crackly cat voice. As you can see I keep a bell on her, so when she comes bounding from the neighbors unfinished yard I can hear her.



One of my friends has said she looks like Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon” What do you think? Hahaha.




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