Plants, plants, and more plants…..

Plants, plants, and more plants…..

Oh dear!

Yesterday was such a full, busy, tiring day! We had lovely breakfast burritos for breakfast then went to Flower World in Snohomish. I wanted to go there because they had the best selection of succulents the last time we were there. I did not like the ones from Home Depot or QFC when we were there the last time.


I picked up some little glass orbs from World Market for the previous succulents I had acquired.  At Flower World the kids thought it would be fun to have their own plants 🙂 So, Mark and I decided that this would be an amazing idea for plants whom like lots of neglect 🙂

Here is Katie’s plants she chose, planted, and I believe named but I am not quite sure on that. I know she was upstairs for quite some time counting both plant’s leaves! IMG_3052

Here is Matthews choice 🙂 He didn’t really help, his sister did most of the planting and organizing for him. Hahahah oh well, it is on his window sill and will most likely fall off. Hahahaha. … especially with him being a boy and us having cats.



Mark liked this indoor plant, it was only 99cents so I decided to get it and see if I can keep it alive.


Here is Mark’s succulent’s. He apparently had one like the one in the middle here for 15 years. He was said he was sad to lose it because it had grown so large in the time he had it!! We have started him a whole new one to replace that lost one. IMG_3055

Oh and this one was for me… a Creeping Myrtle 🙂 Love it….We will hang it later.


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