A Feast the Kids Will Remember

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I don’t have many pictures of today, but we had a feast to remember today.

My mother is a huge gardener and today we devoured the fruits of her labors. She butchered her turkey named, Turkey.


She was tasty!

I am positive the kids LOVED it at Nana and Poppy’s house. They played croquet with the other kids and of course Poppy. There were a lot of conversations and stories to share. I learned a lot about a family friend I didn’t know! I was so glad to find out new things.

I think the most important part to me that sticks out, well there are two things.

1. My parents really know how to engage with kids. They are absolutely amazing with Katie and Matthew. The kids love them as well. Mom gave Katie one of her favourite necklaces that she has had since I was 9. Matthew received the pocket knife that my grandpa had given me when I was around 9 or 10.

2. I love Mark. My favourite part of today was when I was finally able to rest on my parents lounge and just sit behind Mark and hug him. *sigh* I realized I hadn’t hugged him all day basically and I MISSED him so much. At that moment I just relaxed and melted into him. Best part of the day.

We are now home, enjoying some movie time with the kids. This weekend has been a really good weekend with them. They are behaving, Matthew isn’t crying (he usually cries because he is afraid to leave our house), and Mark has been so loving this weekend. I’m having a great weekend so far.

Thank you for listening to my chatter. I am making Mark a fun dinner tomorrow. 🙂 Can’t wait.


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