Coming to terms with Endo

Coming to terms with Endo

Endometriosis, I have lived with this disease since I started my period. I have had endo pain since I can remember in my early teen years.

I made the mistake of thinking this was normal for women, you know, normal for pain during period and all that. It was terrible, ripping, stabbing, uncontrollable pain that would just wreak havoc on my body monthly and sometimes in between. People told me it was just cramps and you have to deal with as a woman.

When I was 19 these pains started happening more often in between my periods. Was that normal? I didn’t finally bring it up to my doctor until I was 21. My doctor told me it sounded like I was experiencing pain from something called Endometriosis. She did some scans, found growths once, but all the other times we found nothing. The negative tests were discouraging.

Fast forward….. I lived for six more years dealing with the increasing pain.

Last year in September I went in for surgery to get the growths removed. The doctor found…. A LOT and couldn’t believe I had let it go that long without getting it taken care of.

That being said, my pain has started to return and is taking a vengeance out on my body. I have never thought I would experience such pain from such a stupid part of my body, aside from the obvious child-birth pain women can experience.

I will continue with this topic at another time in the future.

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