If I had a dandelion, I would make a wish.

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You know what I wish? Well, they may be simple, silly wishes but I have decided I have these few wishes that have been stewing in my brain for a few months.

1. I wish I was better at getting out of bed and ready in the morning. I sleep like the dead, so getting up in the morning is a terrible chore. I really want to be that person who is up at dawn and ready for the day in half an hour or less. Don’t get me wrong, usually I am up around 8 or 9 in the morning and get ready quite quickly. I do work evening shifts and don’t get home until after midnight. I am usually in bed and asleep by 1:30 or 2:00 am. But I really, really wish I could still get up at sunrise and get on with my day without being sleep deprived.

2. I wish I had more patience with myself. I like to think I am Type B, but sometimes I am so hard on myself and expect so much of myself I question that.

3. I wish I would make more time to write my thoughts, feelings, recipes, plans, ideas, gardening, projects, and many other things down. I need to put pen to paper and write down the things I have going on in my brain because I am so easily distracted I forget it within two minutes.

4. I wish I wasn’t so easily distracted. ….


I am a nurse, lover of life, spazztastic dinosaur, explorer, adventurer, nerd (kinda), natural hippie attempter, optimist, postcard enthusiast, pen pal, missionary, exerciser, health conscious, tea addict who gets confused in life and loves living it.

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