Blogging is difficult.

Blogging is difficult.

I find writing down and blogging my ideas, thoughts, aspirations, crafts, creations, and just stuff challenging. Why? I don’t find my interests to be something someone else may be interested in.

My life is chaotic, full, and fulfilling. I like the things I do. I have bad and good days. I have things that stress me out and things that bring me joy. However, I just never believe my ideas are good enough to be shared.

I love using my Instagram account to share snapshots of my day, even into my realm of thought. Pictures with a statement, short and sweet sometimes but at other times they need more behind them.

The hubby set up this wonderful blog for me, helped me make it my own, and here I am wasting those efforts. Even if I am talking to nobody out there in the internet world, I should use it to help construct my thoughts.

Maybe instead of expecting myself to blog each day, which is WAY too much for me! I have a family, crocheting, knitting, gardening, exercise, dog stuffs, cleaning, nursing, cooking, adventuring, and so much stuff to be done (not to mention the fight with endo)! Also, therapeutic deep breathing to keep calm in between!! I don’t have time to blog each day, but maybe I can manage one or two a week. Let’s see. I’m very good at completing most of the tasks and hobbies in my life, but it always seems like blogging is never one of them. Oh well, there could be worse things to be bad at.


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