Stressful “Sundays”

Stressful “Sundays”

Today is my Sunday. I love being productive, active, and industrious. I do not like the typical “Lazy Sunday” that most people seem to greatly enjoy. They stress me out. Take today for example. My to do list looks like this:

-Dog walk–>also take him to park to throw the ball.
-Make tomato sauce
-Adulting stuffs (bills and scheduling things)
-Donuts and a game
-Tea soak and take a bath
-Make Apple pie
-Make Chicken and Leek pie
(which also means I have to make homemade pastry— more below about that)
-Blog Post
-Eat dinner
-Work on crochet project
-Make lunches for work the next few days.
and as always, the after dinner dog walk — no matter the weather.

And guess what?! Aside from eating the dinner and the “To-Do’s” beyond that point…. I’ve done it all! The donuts were impromptu — but enjoyable.

I love being productive. I love having tasks and things to do …. I don’t like aimless days, today was my perfect “Sunday”.

Now, pastry crust. You see, the first time I made homemade pastry crust it was a disaster. Absolute bloody disaster. I was not good at it. The proportions kept being off and just wrong! I threw a tantrum, I hated it, and hubby had to bring me wine. Eventually we used cheater pastry. Hubby kept letting me know I wasn’t a failure and that I was just learning (*sigh* I am really hard on myself). However, that didn’t stop me from trying again….. over and over and over. Tonight, guess what, first attempt I got it. There was no mucking about. It came out perfectly the first time. Maybe I just didn’t overthink it this time.

With that said, my pies are just about done in the oven. Hubby and I get to enjoy them, take our walk, I will then make my lunch and finish up my laundry, then we will sit down and watch Gotham or DarkMatter and I will work on my crochet project.


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