Happy New YEAR!!! 2018

Happy New YEAR!!! 2018

It is that time of year again, the time we all make resolutions just so we can break them by February 1st and then feel like a failure for the rest of the year.

I had three ideas of a New Year’s post.

  1. What were popular New Years Resolutions in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, e.t.c.
  2. My resolutions and why.
  3. The “science” of creating real goals for our life.

Frankly, I like all three topics, but the first one was difficult because the internet had NOTHING on previous resolutions from previous decades. I thought it would be fun to see how they morph, develop with the current social circumstances, or if they are all the same. I question why you can’t find it, is it because they were all broken resolutions so nobody wants to remember it? Curious.

Second idea, I haven’t even figured out what I would like to do for a resolution. I honestly have not gotten into resolutions. I have ideas swimming about in my head, but those ideas stay there and resonate with me throughout the year. Last year I did my temperature blanket which I will soon post about and I loved that.

What should my goals be? Any ideas?

Ah, yes the “science” of creating goals. We all, at some point in our life, set goals that are absolutes leaving zero room for failure. On the other hand, you could set goals like I did when I was a nine-year old. I stated I would be a praying mantis when I grew up.

The key is setting goals that are attainable and also have room for failure. One year I added fun goals, silly ones really, to my resolutions. My favourite one was “To discover my super power”. Hahahah, still working on that one, other than my super sniffer.

Should resolutions carry over? Example being, that you’re doing really well on it the last year but would really like to just keep it going, should we be allowed to use it again and keep at it. YES! However, I think the “Lose 50 pounds” goal that you may have failed this year, and actually put on 15 more pounds should be reconsidered. Make the goal to “Count my calories and exercise for 1 hour three days a week” or even ” Take an extra 20 minute walk each day with the dog/husband/friend/myself”.

Happy New Year to you! Give me your input 🙂

Til next time,


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