2017 Temperature Blanket

2017 Temperature Blanket


Left to right, January 1st to December 31st.

This past year, as a project, I crocheted a Temperature Blanket. What is this you may ask? Well, this is a project where you crochet one row on a blanket for every day of the year based on the current high temperature of that day. I live is Seattle region so rightfully my blanket is mainly green and blue! Hahahaha.

– Crochet hook to match yarn
– Yarn of rainbow colors
– Notebook to keep track of temperatures

– Create your temperature and color pairings
– Pick the size of blanket and crochet your base chain
– Pick the type of stitch you would like to use each day
– Write down high temperature each day and crochet corresponding color

This is the graph I concocted to suit my preferences.

– Repeat for entire year

I started on January 1st, 2017 and ended December 31st, 2017. As I did more research you could also start your blanket when you first hear about it and do it for a year, do one for your first year of marriage, child’s first year in your life, the kids 18th birthday present, your first year in your new home, or just cause you want to.

To start, I googled a lot about it, gathered ideas from other people and then printed out a temperature chart I found. Crochet Crowd has a great tutorial, and I based a lot of my ideas off of their information. I wanted to use more than just six colors. For me, I wanted the colors to blend and morph a bit more than having just red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

As you can see from the chart attached, I had different shades in one range of temperatures. At first, I thought I could just pick from the color choices with whichever one I fancied, but then I ended up basing it on the temperature in that range (loosely).

Secondly, I figured I would make a blanket that could lay on top of my queen size bed with little over hang. This was 250 stitches on my crocheted base chain. I started with one of the colors in that range, then added a second row that first day just to get it started.

Thirdly, pick your stitch. I chose linen stitch to forgo the single stitch crochet. I have also seen people do granny squares!! How brave, I would get beyond frustrated with granny squares (even though I love them).

The linen stitch to me was the coziest stitch with the best look for this type of blanket. The linen stitch worked up quickly as well and was simple to do in an evening while watching a show with my hubby. Each row took about 15 to 20 minutes to crochet.

Importantly, have a notebook to keep track of the temperatures. It wasn’t practical to believe I would crochet a row each day. Sometimes I did, and sometimes I got a few days behind and would catch up on a Saturday or Sunday.

In November I got very behind as I had another project I HAD to finish, and because of this my temperature blanket got about a month behind. Thankfully I caught it up by the end of the year!

My next step is to add that border. I have not yet decided what border to add, but will definitely add a post with the border on and the blanket more.

Finished all the rows.

2 thoughts on “2017 Temperature Blanket

  1. Your temperature blanket is awesome! I was making one for 2017 too, but then got really behind and am still working through September, haha! I really want to finish it though.

    1. I got behind for a few weeks, I actually enjoyed it more having all the temperatures at least documented and was able to bust through the rows 🙂 Just keep working on it and you’ll get it done for sure! I have seen some temp blankets that it took the maker 5 years to complete… life happens 🙂

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