Favourite Vegetarian Dishes

Favourite Vegetarian Dishes

Recently Instagram did this really fun thing where it allowed text boxes on their stories that prompted people to “Ask Me A Question”— I caved and did it. I really do like answering questions and I want people to ask questions… just beware you’ll get blatant, honest answers. (I wonder how outdated this feature will seem in three months!)

One of my followers, who also happens to be a life long friend, asked me about my favourite vegetarian recipes/dishes… oh man that is SUCH a hard one to answer! There may be a few different categories and levels to this question, but I will start with my list of ideas that were on the top of my head. I could probably talk about this in multiple different posts.

  • Vegetarian Chili — this is a staple! (use veggie broth and it is vegan)
  • Hearty Vegan Stew — I made this one and LOVE IT! Winter Warmer for sure!
  • Spaghetti Squash with Broccoli “meat” balls (Spaghetti and Meatballs) — The Broccoli balls are made with cheese per the recipe and frankly I can’t find where I scribbled down what I did instead… this can easily be made vegan though!
  • Curry — all the curry (red, green, yellow, Indian, Thai, Japanese) — Watch out though, the store-bought pastes often have fish paste/sauce in them 🙁 Which is a huge bummer if you’re strictly vegan/vegetarian.
  • Jack Fruit Tacos
  • Black bean, beet, butternut squash enchiladas – I really need to get this recipe down.
  • Quinoa/chickpea fritters
  • Sopas with meat free toppings
  • Celery root “pork” chops — from VegNews magazine
  • Roast sweet potatoes with meatless mix and beans
  • Spaghetti Squash Enchilada Bowls 

Frankly, with just a few swaps of ingredients you can make almost any dish vegetarian….. I often do chickpea, black bean, or lentils with quinoa instead of ground meat and it works just fine for Salisbury steaks, meatloafs, or burger/slider stand ins. My biggest suggestion is to NOT just add cheese/cream to everything… I find so many vegetarian recipes rely far to heavily on cheese.

When it comes to any of those meatless substitutes, I do use meat-less replacements life “beef”less beef from time to time and my preferred brand is Quorn as they are not soy based. I also like their Chick’n Patties, nuggets, and pieces for a quick meal. Again, I would advise to not rely heavily on these replacements as they are still processed. For me, cooking vegetarian or vegan meals is about moving away from foods being overly processed.

Regarding dairy, I do not eat/drink dairy (other than I can still tolerate butter in dishes) and I do not eat beef. The cow and I do not get along — you may have heard the research regarding tick bites and a red meat intolerance well I am one of the few.

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