New Year – 2019

New Year – 2019

Here we are being thrown into another new year with most people doing the “Best of 2018” and their “New Year – New You” posts and ideas. 

The Handsome guy who walks with me…

Here I am just thankful I made it to the end of 2018 not dealing with chronic depression the entire year. Here I am thankful that I have a loving supporting husband who walked with me each step of that journey. 

This next year will bring new changes into my life that I am definitely not taking lightly. What gets me looking positively onto this next year is knowing I can make it. I can do it. I got through this past year, so I can’t get through the next year 

In 2018 I also switched to vegetarian (minus a few moments due to it not being in my complete control). I have loved the switch and plan to stick with it. 

Food can either make or break you. Your food choices can make or break your mood, body, and well-being. I am here to say, let’s make positive food changes in your life! What you put in your body can heal or damage you, so why not give yourself some healing nutrition instead. You can’t control the air you breathe, but you can (for the most part) control what goes into your mouth as food and sustenance. 

Throughout this year, I will most likely continue making small changes to my eating habits. A big way I show my love and care is through healthy, well-balanced meals that will help them in their daily schedules.  

Maybe as these changes occur I will blog about it, I will not make promises or resolutions that I will though. Health is more than just food….. I want to focus on the food, mind, body, thoughts and more. We shall see where this quiet path shall lead. 

Happy New Year to you! Don’t forget to get some sleep 😉 

3 thoughts on “New Year – 2019

  1. Happy New Year Keisha!!!

    Glad you survived 2018 as I did and I also look forward to a brighter 2019.

    Shelley Hill

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